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This product is specially processed, which allows for a higher digestibility of nutrients. This means lowering the dosage. Recommended dose is 1-2,5% of phase III substrate’s weight. It contains starch of highest quality, enriched with roughage.

Composition: starch – fibre extrudate, a mixture of fibrous raw materials.

Product specification:
protein no less than 10%, starch no less than 30%; fibre no less than 8%; humidity no higher than 12%.

Why use supplement for substrate?

  • It allows to achieve higher and more stable yield.
  • It intensifies mycelium’s growth.
  • Supplement in standard dose of up to 1,5 doesn’t cause rapid increase of temperature in phase III substrate,

How to use ARIL KK?

  • Basic dosage is 1-2,5% of phase III substrate of standard quality.
  • When the dose of ARIL KK PREMIUM is increased, putting increasing amount of water into substrate in first three days from placing on a shelf is needed. In the first day, if it is possible, water should not be put into substrate. The temperature should not be allowed to rise over 23 degrees Celsius by cooling and intense air movement. In the second and third day it is recommended that water is put frequently, in single dose of 2 l/m2 for example in 3 hours cycle, controlling the humidity of substrate in all layers. During this first three days water should not leak out of the substrate. If there is water, putting water should be stopped for few hours. Total amount of water can be equal 45 l/m2 and more during the period of placing on the shelf until the shock.
  • The amount of water is determined individually based on the activity of substrate, its humidity and amount that was put on the shelf.